10 Highest Paid Footballers in the World Right Now

Football is a religion for many folks, and the greatest footballers are often treated like Gods. Apart from that, great footballers are also paid a lot. By lot, we mean a lot; as they should be because of their talent and the effort they put into their passion, to become better and greater than the rest. In this listicle, we’ll be looking into some of the highest paid footballers ruling the world right now.

Check out these highest paid footballers:

10. Paul Pogba

Earnings: $21.2 million

Paul Pogba - highest paid footballers

Paul Labile Pogba can do both attack and defense but mostly operates as a central midfielder for the France national team and the club Manchester United. He has been ranked amongst the top ten most promising young players in Europe along with several other prestigious titles. Pogba has an incredibly bright future ahead of him.


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