10 Countries Where College Can be Free

College can be expensive business. Expenses in education are one of the biggest expenses a family faces in modern days. While there is scholarship available for the bright ones, not everyone is bright. But did you know that are some countries where colleges can be free? If you can make it to those countries or better still if you are born in those countries, you are very likely to get the burden of expensive college off of your back. The West has some of the most prestigious academic institutions, and you’d be glad to know the countries that we are going to discuss here are from the West. Check them out.

These are the countries where college can be free:

10. Brazil

Brazil - countries where college can be free

In Brazil, public colleges are called Federal Universities, and they offer free tuition. The quality of education is pretty high, and a lot of international students go to Brazil to study. Besides Brazil is a fantastic place to live and work. The country has vast stretches of tropical forest, and it’s home to a diverse flora and fauna. It’s worth mentioning that the competition is pretty high because the number of Brazilians studying in colleges has increased along with the number of international students applying to these colleges.

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