10 Places Where You Will Get Free Land to Live in

Humans require three basic things to live on, food, shelter, and clothing. But many people live their lives chasing one or the other but never get all three. Lucky for us, generosity and humanity are still practiced in various countries in the world. There are several places in our planet where you will get to have a land free of cost if you agree to certain terms and conditions like, you might have to stay there, and participate in making the place inhabitable for a number of years. But before digging in, you might want to check out the most beautiful countries and cities in the world.

Check out these 10 places where you will get free land to live in:

10. Pitcairn

Pitcairn - places where you will get free land to live in

The small island is located in the South Pacific. The Pitcairn Islands are part of the British territory, and over the years the population has declined so much that there are only half a century people living there. Situations are so desperate that they are giving off lands to people who’d want to settle there and if you are planning on settling in a remote island, this is the place to go?

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