Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

What do people with a lot of money do? They buy fancy cars and live in huge houses that provide all the luxuries that one can possibly have. Today we are going to discuss some of the most expensive houses on Earth. These aren’t houses; they are modern castles that will be revered in the years to come. These are homes are owned by some of the richest and the luckiest people on the planet. Besides talking about their home, we’ll be revealing who these lucky folks are.

Check out these 10 most expensive houses that offer unimaginable luxury:

10. 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens

Value: $128 million

7 Upper Phillimore Gardens - expensive houses

The mansion is located in London and in a previous life it was a prep school. The building was transformed into a mansion with all the luxuries of life like a cinema, gym, a swimming pool, sauna and believe it or not, a panic room. Anyone who inside the mansion can hope to find expensive artworks and furniture adorned with gold and marble. The house belongs to the daughter of Ukraine’s second president, Olena Pinchuk.

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