10 Richest People in the World

From the time a baby comes to the world, he is taught to learn to earn money and unsurprisingly the goal of several people around the world is to become richer. To increase their wealth in whatever way one chooses. The following the people who have made it to the top of the world and has generated an enormous amount of wealth. They have established business empires that have changed the way the world works. Let’s look at how much money do these folks have.

These are the richest people in the world, at least wealth wise:

10. Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth: $47.5 billion

Michael Bloomberg - richest people

Michael Rubens Bloomberg, the American business magnate is the founder, and CEO of Bloomberg L.P. He serves as the Mayor of New York City, and there have been widespread speculations that be a candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Bloomberg has claimed to have no desire to become the powerful president of the nation and is satisfied with his current position.

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