10 Hottest Victoria’s Secret Models You Need to Know

Becoming a model is like any other job, it’s not easy. Finding success in the industry is not easy either. One of the highest points of a models career comes when someone becomes a Victoria’s Secret Model and reaching there is like climbing Mount Everest, and that goes to say, very few people reach to that point. Most die out to try to reach there. So the women listed here as the hottest Victoria’s Secret Models, have made it to the top by virtue of their talents, hard work, and sheer will. Come, let take a look at them.

These are the 10 most hottest Victoria’s Secret models:

10. Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo - hottest Victoria’s Secret models

Behati Prinsloo hails from Namibia, and she is one of the greatest and most admired models in the fashion industry. She was selected to be the first Victoria’s Secret PINK model ever and later in 2009 she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She made headlines by opening Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows two times in a row. At the time of writing this, Prinsloo has walked in as many as nine Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows in a row.

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